Product “Flight-Intelligence-Box” for DJI M300

ACCESSORY FOR DJI Matrice 300 (and Ardupilot)


In addition to the weather risk, which is difficult to assess, personnel costs are a price factor that should not be underestimated when inspecting wind turbines. But hundreds of inspections as single pilot are difficult and exhausting and they can lead to unwanted or problematic errors.

A standardized, uniform, consistent and traceable digitization that can be compared over the years is required as well, and this can only be achieved with a high degree of automation.

DJI M300 + Intelligent-Box CAD
Screenshot Adaptive Flight DJI or Ardupliot


A high level of pilot support during on-site   inspections ensures a less stressful and less   strenuous inspection of wind-turbines.
Our Flight-Intelligence-Box provides a maximum of semi-autonomous support with an adaptive flight path adjustment when inspecting the rotor blades with the drone from all sides of the rotor blade.

At the same time, a suitable distance is always taken into account, based on the real-time image data from the camera to the respective object, as well as the flight speed along the rotor blade, resulting in the best possible, uninterrupted overlapping of the captured images.

The result is the ability for safe Single Pilot Operations, onshore and offshore.


  • Automatic camera tracking to object
  • 1 pilot on-site concept
  • Easy integration in existing drone (DJI M300)
  • Adaptive Flight ability
  • No specification of the wind-turbine needed upfront
  • Inspection software is compatible to Linux and Windows Computer, as well as to DJI and Ardupilot autopilots
DJI M300 in flight + Intelligent Box