Autonomous Flight Intelligence System for DJI Drones

The Aero Enterprise Flight Intelligence System turns DJIM300 series drones into fast turn-around, on-site wind turbine inspection drones, with real-time, automated flight path calculations.

Our Flight Intelligence Box communicates with the drone autopilot and is designed to fit perfectly on the DJI Matrice M300.

The airborne system includes a lightweight Lidar for retrieving accurate distance data.

USB-connected radio module guarantees direct communication with the airborne unit.

Everything is controlled via our specially developed Flight Intelligence Ground Control Software.

Aero Enterprise Flight Intelligence System for the DJI M300

What this means…

More efficient, fast turnaround turbine inspections.

Real-time, automated flight path calculation. No pre-defined calculations are required.

More accurate, higher-quality images and data are achieved by real-time adaptive calculations that keep the drone at an optimal distance from the wind turbine.

Minimal effort required from pilot with easy data upload straight into our Cloud.

All data analysis, interpretation and detailed reporting can be delivered through the AERO-Software Package.

Aero Enterprise Flight Intelligence on the DJI M300 - Wind Turbine Inspection

Aero Enterprise Flight Intelligence System at Work

Aero Enterprise is the Official DJI Partner for the Optical Inspection of Wind Turbines.

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