We like to think at Aero Enterprise, we are pretty smart people and we are passionate about finding smart solutions!

So, we asked a big question. How can we make the wind turbine inspection process, not only quicker and more efficient but also consistently achieve the best results of any system time after time? This is where we developed our proprietary hardware and software called AERO Flight Intelligence System.

Watch the inspection process

What real-time, autonomous data acquisition with Aero Enterprise means to you

More efficient

AERO Flight Intelligence offers a full inspection in One Flight, achieving a much faster turnaround with both onshore and offshore campaigns.


AERO Flight Intelligence algorithms calculate the flight path in real time. No RTK or previous information about the turbine is required to conduct an inspection.

More Accurate

Higher-quality images and data are achieved by real-time adaptive calculations that keep the drone at an optimal distance from the wind turbine.

Minimal Effort

Once a pilot has been trained on the system, they are then able to conduct full inspection campaigns efficiently and with minimal effort, with easy data upload straight into our cloud.

Aero Enterprise | Flight Intelligence System 1

What's in
the Box?


Real-time automated flight path calculation.

Flight Intelligence box is designed to fit perfectly on the DJI Matrice M300/350 series.

Lidar for retrieving accurate distance data

USB-connected radio module providing direct communication with the airborne unit.

Everything is controlled via our specially developed Flight Intelligence Ground Control Software.

AERO Enterprise is the Official Partner of DJI for the Optical Inspection of Wind Turbines.

Aero Enterprise | DJI Enterprise Official Partner 2

In 2022 Aero Enterprise became the Official Partner of DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer, for the Optical Inspection of Wind Turbines. Our AERO Flight Intelligence System, is designed to fit and work effectively with the DJI Matrice M300 series of professional, commercial drones and the P1 & H20 Cameras, making it the most effective and highest-quality inspection method on the market.