Wind Turbine Inspections & Blade Management Solutions

One flight inspections with our industry leading Flight Intelligence System, AI-powered analysis through the AERO Software Package and detailed, trackable digital reports. We commit to giving you the best wind turbine data possible

AERO Software


We fully understand that time and results are important, so all of our acquired data is run through neural networks and AI finding issues in the quickest time possible. We are continuously growing a vast database to train our AI on, helping us achieve even faster and more accurate  reports in the future for our clients.

Aero Enterprise | Analysis & Digital Reports

Smart Analysis


Once we have received all image data from the real-time acquisition flight, the images and corresponding data are synchronized and passed through our machine learning and computer vision algorithms (AI) to find and highlight anomalies automatically, supporting our precise and fast turnaround ethos.

Aero Enterprise | AI-Powered Analysis 3
Aero Enterprise | AI Analysis and Blade Management

Blade Experts

Our experienced Blade Experts check through each blade and identify abnormalities precisely and easily, determining the length, area and anomaly found by the AI. The damages are then marked correctly to our standardised international classification. The comprehensive data cloud we gather means every single high-resolution image can be compared to previous campaigns, allowing us and our clients to create a trackable, historical timeline, to help manage all blades over their entire lifecycle, helping to predict future maintenance issues.

Digital Reports


The AERO Online Browser Report gives our customers direct and immediate access to the evaluated damage data, including all the additional information required. A printed version can be created from this at any time.

Customer Interface: The data can be transferred directly to the customer’s ERP system. Aero Enterprise already has the appropriate interfaces for the main ERP systems known in the industry, but if not, we can take over and program a suitable interface for you!

Aero Enterprise Online-Digital-Report