Inspection Service with Drones - Wind Turbines and Industry - Onshore and Offshore

Aero Enterprise, together with its partners made up of specialists and experts, is one of the first service providers in the field of automated inspection service on wind turbines with drones onshore and offshore.

Our unique and self developed helicopter drone is extremely stable and can operate even under harsh wind conditions close to the rotor blades and other objects. Since 2016 we have been offering digitization with our evaluation and analysis software for the automated generation of condition reports with support of artificial intelligence all around Europe.

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Our Services

Intelligent inspection service with drones in onshore wind parks. We inspect rotor blades, nacelle, spinner and the tower on request.

Comprehensive inspection service with drones on wind turbines offshore. Rotor blades, nacelle and spinner, as well as tower and fundament if desired.

Inspection service with drones on industrial plants of all kinds with associated, digital actual condition reports

Creation of digital status reports as a service for our customer and cooperation partners in form of handouts or prepared for connection to customers ERP-systems interface.

The partner program is based on a division of labor between the co-operation partner and Aero Enterprise. The Partner uses his own conventional DJI drone equipment on site.

Support in special applications, prototype design work, integration of sensors and autopilots, programming, maiden-flights, doc- umentation etc., we are right at your side with advice and action.

Why choose us

High Wind Stability of Helicopter Drone

Higher accessibility to the wind turbine

Standardized Data Quality

Digitization of all data by AERO-Software Package

Predictive Maintenance

Compilation of comparative data from previous inspections

Efficient Damage Assessment

Automatically generated reports

Cost Reduction

Reduced allocation of HR and plant downtime

Increased Safety at Work

Reduction of staffing risk

intelligent airborne inspection

Aero Enterprise GmbH, located in Linz/Austria uses flying robots to inspect onshore and offshore wind turbines as well as industrial plants, dams, bridges, chimneys etc. for possible damage. The image data acquired with the AERO-SensorCopter and other autonomous drones are analysed for anormalies, supported by the in-house developed AERO-Software Package with artificial intelligence and automated reporting. The software can be licensed to experts-partners within the wind industry.


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