Our Partner Program (SaaS)

Branded on your company

The Partner Program is based on a division of labor between the cooperation partner and Aero Enterprise

The partner uses his own conventional DJI drone equipment on site. Aero Enterprise assists the partner in finding a recommended drone and the right equipment. Further, Aero Enterprise gives an introduction and training on how to use the AERO-Software Package. With our software the partner can evaluate, interpret and generate an automated report.

Process flow for the condition detection on the rotor blades

  1. Data collection with consumer drone and data upload to the Aero Enterprise server.

    The partner collects the data with a consumer drone (preferred DJI Matrice 300). Aero Enterprise supports the partner on flight procedures on the object. Further, also on the process and data handling through training, webinars and documents.

  2. Data processing and data provision for the partner by Aero Enterprise.

    Aero Enterprise carries out the preparation of the data (post-processing). These are specific activities such as exact height determination, positioning in the environment and image name adjustments. Also, pre-classification of the images with regard to extra tags such as leading edge, trailing edge, rotation angle calculations, allocation of the blade numbers etc. Then the data gets customized, secured and sorted on our server. These are encrypted directly via VPN tunnels. Thus, the data is not in a cloud.

  3. Analysis, qualification & classification of the data by Aero Enterprise or the partner.

    With the self-developed AERO-Lyse software the partner can examine the data as well as mark, measure, classify and document damages. This is what we also call “Software as a Service” (SaaS).

  4. Condition documentation by Aero Enterprise or the partner.

    At the end, the partner receives an entire status report in digital and/or physical form (PDF) by only one mouse click. The report includes the evidence of the damaged areas at corresponding positions. Moreover, the report illustrates the image material of the entire object. The report can feature the partner’s branding in form of logo or sub-information.

Your advantages as a cooperation partner

> FASTER overall handling of the inspection

> TRANSPARENCY in prices

> SHARED workload

> STANDARDIZED reports (with partner logo)

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