On-Site Demo, Großhofen

On-Site Demo Großhofen

On-Site Demo, Großhofen near Vienna

Save the Date: On 09 September 2021 Aero Enterprise is organizing an on-site demo together with Buss Blade Services at the wind farm Großhofen near Vienna.

Program of the event:

Aero Enterprise

  • Live inspection flight with the AERO-SensorCopter
  • Presentation of the self-developed software AERO-Lyse with the use of artificial intelligence

Buss Blade Services

  • Presentation of the all-weather platform
  • Inspection of an Enercon E-82 wind turbine on site
  • We would be happy to take you on a tour at “dizzying heights”.

Details for the event:

When: 09 September 2021 | 10 am – 1 pm

Where: Wind farm Großhofen near Vienna (Co. ImWind)

The on-site demo is taking place together with our sister company Buss Blade Services, as well as with the support of the wind power operator ImWind and IG Windkraft.

We developed the AERO-SensorCopter specifically for the inspection of on– and offshore wind turinbes. During the inspection flights, high-resolution image data of the objects are recorded. With the use of the AERO-Software Package we can then analyze, qualify and classify the data and create reports. Using artificial intelligence we can detect anomalies in their exact geographic location and position.

Buss Blade Services provides inspection, maintenance, repair and retrofits of rotor blades. With the lockable and heated working platform, the company works 24/7 in double shifts – even in autumn and winter. Thanks to the innovative blade repair, the downtimes of the wind farm are significantly reduced.

At the on-site demo in Großhofen you have the chance to experience the AERO-SensorCopter live during an inspection flight, as well as to get to know the all-weather platform while inspecting an Enercon E-82 wind turbine. We would be happy to take you on board with us to the all-weather platform to enjoy the view with you!

If you are interested in the event please send an e-mail to marketing@aero-enterprise.com

We look forward to spend an exciting day with you!