Drones in Wind Energy


Aero Enterprise is a key player in inspections with drones Industry survey “Drones in Wind Energy” Study data show that 95% of companies are already using drones for inspection purposes. So, we are glad to announce that Aero Enterprise is first in the ranking for the inspection of wind turbines in Europe – based on […]

GOW V-Fest 2020 July virutal exhibition

Global Offshore Wind V-Fest


Global Offshore Wind V-Fest Aero Enterprise participates in the first virtual festival of Global Offshore Wind. Visit our virtual exhibition stand from 22.-24. July 2020. This virtual exhibition functions as an interactive digital space with virtual exhibition stands, digital materials, agreed appointments etc. and therefore enables networking and business development in these uncertain Covid-19 times. […]


Global Wind Day 2020


Global Wind Day 2020 The worldwide action day of the wind energy industry is celebrated annually on June 15th Various events around the globe are intended to draw attention to the importance of using wind energy. On this day, it will be shown how wind energy can sustainably transform our energy systems in order to […]


Effects of COVID-19 on Wind Energy Sector


Effects of Corona Virus on Wind Energy Sector The importance of the wind energy sector during COVID-19 The ‘critical role’ of the wind industry in ensuring a continued supply of electricity is undisputed. Reliable energy supply is especially important for the public services, like the health care system. However, the outbreak of the virus has […]


We are Available for You!


We are Available for You! Dear business partner! As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has a significant impact on the way we do our day-to-day business, interactions, and travel. Given the recent developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic and precautions to avoid further spread, Aero Enterprise has taken the following actions, effective by March 17, […]


Aero Enterprise grows


[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text] Aero Enterprise grows And so does the interest in our technology At the beginning of the new year, we got a surprise visit from Austria’s Economic Minister Markus Achleitner and Vice Mayor Bernhard Baier to the Aero Enterprise office in Linz. On this occasion we were able to present our growing team and […]