“Cut-Engine-Box” for DJI Matrice 300

Accessory for DJI M300


Due to the high center of gravity of the DJI M300 in the landing phase, the landing on a ship, moving in all directions through the waves is a challenge.

Especially in the transition phase with the first contact of the landing gear with the deck of the ship, but still flying. If the pilot cannot switch off the rotors quickly enough, the drone can fall over very quickly and thus inevitably damage the propellers and booms.

DJI M300 CAD+Transmitter
CTV example DJI M300 (Special Thanx to Atlantic Wind Transfers for the CTV Model Image)


Aero Enterprise has developed a box that is linked to the M300 and communicates with a small switch on the transmitter and with which the pilot can temporarily override the internal control of the drone’s switch-off command.

This ensures a quick reaction at the right moment with a firm footing on the ship’s deck.

The “Cut-Engine-Box” is availible from Aero Enterprise upon request. This product has been extensively tested onshore and offshore and is in TLR-8 but has not been availible as a serial product untill now.

Because of this, please expect slightly longer than normal delivery time. Thank you.