“Autopilot-Manager” (End of Life)


Universal, reliable, flexible, future-oriented, this is the AutoPilot-Manager.

Designed for the use of two independent running autopilot-systems in your RC-Model. For safety reasons and testing purposes.

A must have for the serious commercial or private RC pilot and a step forward to a secure flight for you and your RC-Model.


The requirements for the operation of unmanned aircraft in commercial and semi-professional purposes have changed fundamentally in the past years in Europe and worldwide. The regulations will get even more strictly in the future.

Depending on the application, the weight, the purpose, the situation, the flight area, spectators and some more reasons, SAFETY is becoming increasingly important.

Single point of failure and redundancy became the keywords for permissions and certifications from authorities and insurances.

Among other parts inside a system, redundancy of the autopilot system is meanwhile mandatory to follow the rules. Especially multicopters are very instable in their flight characteristics when it comes to malfunction of the stabilization system.

We therefore developed a redundancy circuit board, the Autopilot-Manager.

It is an automatic monitoring and controlling bridge between two independent running autopilot systems, a mutual protection in case of malfunction in an autopilot system. Even if both autopilots fail (power supply, freezing controller…), the forwarding of the control signals for a manual flight of the aircraft, Delta or Helicopter is guaranteed.

This system also offers the possibility to switch manually between two different autopilot systems to test different software and sensor setups. Another benefit of the AutoPilot-Manager is that only one telemetry module is needed to monitor data of both autopilot systems (except for DJI autopilots, here you need two downlinks, from each autopilot separate).

AutoPilot-Manager is a safe attendant for flying and testing of your unmanned aircraft.

Spec AP Manager