Data Analysis & Storage


Software & Database

Long-term monitoring of wind turbines and industrial plants requires clearly traceable and precisely located data , stored over long periods of time. Our self-developed AERO-Software Package enables to mark anomalies or necessary repair measures and to generate automated reports.

  • The license-free software AERO-View allows the customer to view the image data without evaluation, interpretation and reporting.
  • The client-based, licensed software AERO-Lyse allows analysis, marking and classification of the data in abnormalities. AERO-Lyse has been specially developed for the evaluation, interpretation and automatic reporting of damages. It can be used to identify abnormalities precisely and easily and to determine their length and area. The damage classification is based on international classes. Due to the exact “localization” of each single high-resolution image former and actual data can be compared easily, so therefore the construction of damage time series is possible. This approach supports predictive maintenance.
  • In the course of the processing, an automated damage report is generated. The report can be transmitted either as print or digital version to the customer. All data can also be transferred into the customer’s database.
  • The AERO-Base database as storage works in the background and gives the customer secure access to “his” data.

Results – accurate, fast and objective