Inspection Service at Offshore Wind Turbines

Analysis on the rotor blades, spinner, nacelle and if requested, on the tower and transition piece

Data acquisition – data analysis – automated reporting

The automated inspection of offshore wind farms is still a young segment. Based on the experience gained from our many mainland inspection flights, we refined all hardware and software procedures. Further we optimized the procedures for the offshore environment. This enables us to do the first inspection flights in the North Sea and Baltic Sea in 2019.

Offshore Inspection

Aerial robots realize the external optical inspections of onshore wind turbines. The involved components are rotor blades (from all 4 sides!) as well as spinner. The nacelle and tower are optional.

The self-developed helicopter-drone AERO-SensorCopter Offshore carries out the (autonomous) airborne data acquisition.

The collected data gets processed, standardized and made available for displaying in the license, AERO-View.

In the following step, the gathered data gets analysed under use of the licenseAERO-Lyse (depending on the service model). Anomalies can be quantified, qualified and classified according to the amount of damage. This is done by Aero Enterprise itself, by the customer or by a qualified external expert.

digital technical report is generated under use of the database AERO-Base by only one click. On request customized status reports can be carried out.

For the offshore sector we use only hardware and software developed by Aero Enterprise

AERO-SensorCopter Offshore:

Developed for marine requirements. Thus, autopiloted, robust, capable of strong winds up to approx. 14 m/s (50 km/h or 27 kts) suitable for use in saltwater environment, buoyant and easy to transport. This ensures a high level of operational readiness. Even if industrial climbers are no longer allowed to work on the wind turbine for labour law reasons.

AERO-Mobile Ground Station Case:

Transportable and equipped with redundant instruments. Optimized for monitoring the automated flights.

AERO-Software Package:

For all analysis and interpretation processes.

Service level 1-3

Service level 1:

  • Aerial inspection of a wind turbine by Aero Enterprise or by the customer
  • Data processing and data preparation by Aero Enterprise
  • Free of charge provision of the license AERO-View for a period of 24 months
  • Free of charge data storage for 1 year

Service level 2:

  • Includes all services from level 1, plus:
  • Provision of the licensed analyzing software AERO-Lyse
  • Evaluation of inspection results by Aero Enterprise or by the customer
  • Preparation of an inspection report

Service level 3:

  • Preparation of a “technical evaluation document”. Based on occurring anomalies by a qualified expert – provided by Aero Enterprise

Your advantages and benefits

EFFICIENCY: Drones are fast, reliable and future-oriented – technical report within 3 working days

OVERALL PICTURE: You get a comprehensive picture of the external condition of your entire wind turbine

DATA QUALITY: Continuous, complete data in high resolution, digitized and reproducible. Specific customer data and results are available via secure access code

DOWNTIME: Significant reduction. Thus, extra savings as turbines re-start faster after the inspection. Offshore: reduction from approx. 16 hours to only to 1-1,2 hours

STRONG WIND CAPABILITY: Usability of the AERO-SensorCopter up to wind speeds of 14 m/sec or 50 km/h. Thus, continuous and precise image material as well as increased operational capability

HEALTH & SAFETY: A decisive advantage for the precaution of accident prevention measures. Protection of man and material

COMPARATIVE INSPECTIONS: Possible at any time. Old and new data can be reproduced with pinpoint accuracy

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE: Forecasting by inspections in time series (annually, 2 years intervals etc.)

DIGITIZATION: All data are digital and are compatible with your ERP system

EXTRA SERVICES: In cooperation with our partners we also carry out all other necessary activities, such as:

  • Recurring inspection
  • Condition-oriented inspection
  • End of Warranty inspection
  • Test of Completion Examination

For questions or further details, we are at your disposal