Data-Analysis and Reporting


Software & Database

Analysis & reporting are core features of Aero Enterprise. They are an integrated part of our service package and form our credo. Hardware and software from a single source – but also individually applicable. We support our customers and partners to define their digital requirements for implementing Industry 4.0.

As a Aero Enterprise partner you can also use our AERO-Software Package to evaluate, interpret and generate an automated report >> read more about the partner program here

Service model

The AERO-Software Package offers our customers/partners the opportunity to participate in the inspection of damaged areas on wind turbines. Further, they can recognize the respective anomalies in location and position. The recorded data gets reproduced in a virtual 3D space. The anomalies can be qualified and quantified in area and length as well as classified according to type and extent of damage.

Analysis & reporting is part of our partner program, where usually the partner himself acquires digital data of the rotor blades with his own multicopter drones according to Aero Enterprise methods and procedures. As part of the cooperation, the partner will be able to focus fully on his additional inspection tasks inside the wind turbine. For example, during recurring or condition-based inspections. This is also possible for inspection after the end of the warranty or during the test of completion of wind turbines.

As part of a technical due diligence of wind farms, an overall overview of the assets gets generated very quickly. For example, for insurance companies, operating companies etc.

Your advantages and benefits

EFFICIENCYThe drones are fast, reliable and future-oriented – report within 3 working days

OVERALL PICTURE: You get a comprehensive picture of the external condition of your entire plant

COMPERATIVE INSPECTIONS: possible at any time – once located data can be reproduced with pinpoint accuracy

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE: Forecasting is done by inspections in time series (e.g. annually, 2 years etc.)

DIGITIZATION: All data are captured digitally and are compatible with your ERP system

DATA QUALITY: Continuous, complete data in high resolution, digitized, reproducible; all specific customer data and results are available via secure access code

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