Quality Management & Safety

Continuous improvement of processes

Automated airborne inspection

Standardized quality in data acquisition and evaluation is only achieved through automation. The use of personnel for these challenging tasks is risky, inefficient and error prone. Rotor blade diameters and tower heights of wind turbines are increasing, both onshore and offshore. Thus, the demand for automated inspection systems is growing. Also, we can notice a similar trend at other vertical industrial objects.

Single images of anomalies do not reflect a comprehensive condition of a system. The integration of such non-standardized data in ERP systems or databases is difficult, expensive and costly. Thus, it is not rarely done.

The new approach of capturing all assets in a digital form enables the comparative inspection of objects. Also, this includes the pursuit of the development of individual anormalies over longer periods of time. Aero Enterprise has developed a comprehensive system of hard- and software. This system meets the increasing demands of the market.

ISO certified

Aero Enterprise meets all these requirements. Tüv AustriaWe passed the established standard in the EN ISO 9001:2015 certification audit in December 2018. This proves  the mastery of quality management according to the international standard. Besides, at flight operations we act exactly according to the rules of the international air traffic control authorities. This is necessary for commercial flight operations.

UVDB qualified

Achilles Stamp UVDB

In November 2019 Aero Enterprise was audited by the international supply chain platform Achilles. UVDB is a pre-qualification system used across the UK in the utility industry. UVDB verifys within an independent audit of the organisation’s Safety, Health, Environment, Quality (SHEQ) management systems and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Thus, Aero Enterprise guarantees the highest standards of supply chain management.


Reductions of risks

Due to the increasing size of the systems and difficult weather conditions the deployment of industrial climbers is problematic. This problem occurs onshore and offshore. Responsible companies are already recognizing the benefits of reducing potential health risks. The use of a drone is often more efficient and safer.

Safety has priority

Aero Enterprise inhouse regular trainings ensure compliance with our internal security standards. Further, the Aero Enterprise team commits to instruct outside personnel about our own safety regulations on-site. Likewise, the safety requirements by our clients are adhered to.

For all operational activities, thus, the principle applies: SAFETY FIRST!