Our History since the Foundation


History from the first idea to products and services in various stages.

August 2020

The Buss Energy Group acquires a 24.9 per cent stake in Aero Enterprise. In addition to port logistics for the construction of offshore wind farms, the service group also offers the installation and service of wind turbines and rotor blades both on land and at sea. Due to their professional sales structures and many years of operational experience in the wind sector, the Buss Energy Group represents the perfect strategic partner for us and will help us to further establish our technology on the market.

January 2020

Our team grows in the areas of operations, hardware & software development and business development. In total, Aero Enterprise consists of 10 technically enthusiastic and committed employees.

July 2019

Successful inspection flights in the North Sea/Germany. Aero Enterprise uses its new developed helicopter drone for offshore inspection operations for the first time. The AERO-SensorCopter with its special sensor-head performed the autonomous inspection within a remarkably short time.

December 2018

We passed the EN ISO 9001:2015 certification audit for the airborne inspection for on-/offshore wind turbines and industrial objects of all kind, including data analysis, classification and reporting. Aero Enterprise has passed the established standard in the certification audit with TÜV Austria in December 2018 and thus proves the mastery of quality management according to the international standard.

June 2018

Start of our drone partner program. Partners deliver images that are taken with their own drones. We evaluate, interpret and generate test reports with our software AERO-Lysis. In July 2018, the AERO-SensorCopters Offshore gets completed. With this equipment we are prepared for use at sea. Wind resistant, suitable for salt water, robust and long flight duration.

March 2017

In March 2017, Aero Enterprise participates as an exhibitor at the CeBIT Hannover for the special innovation “Unmanned Systems & Solutions”. In September 2017, the Aero Enterprise team completed the first offshore solution mobile ground station and the first offshore SensorCopter prototype. These new developments are exhibited at the HUSUM Wind in the same month.

May 2016

Aero Enterprise starts the commercial use of the SensorCopter and operates the flight robot on wind turbines (both domestic and overseas), dams and bridges as part of their inspection performance. The AERO-Software Package will be completed in September 2016. At the same time, the Aero Enterprise exhibits at WindEnergy Hamburg, the second largest European wind energy trade fair.

August 2015

Aero Enterprise receives a FFG basic funding, a national funding for business-related research. The company name is changed to Aero Enterprise GmbH. In September Aero Enterprise exhibits the flight robot prototype for the first time at an international wind energy trade fair, HUSUM Wind. In the same year, the prototype of the advanced helicopter type flying robot SensorCopter Mod. II is completed.

Founding 2013

Peter joins Aero Enterprise- left Peter-right Robert

In the course of his work as a helicopter pilot of the German Air Force and aircraft mechanic, the later founder Robert Hörmann first introduced the idea in 2010 to use flying robots for the use of inspection work on wind turbines. In 2013, he founded the sole proprietorship, then named Aerodyne Systems GmbH, based in Lower Austria, and received an innovation prize (Two Country Prize, Special Innovation Award 2013) with his idea. In 2014, the first negotiations with investors starts. In January 2015 the ‘CARPE Beratungs & Beteiligungs GmbH’ joins, and with it the financial and management partner Peter Kurt Fromme-Knoch.