Global Wind Day 2020


Global Wind Day 2020

The worldwide action day of the wind energy industry is celebrated annually on June 15th

Various events around the globe are intended to draw attention to the importance of using wind energy. On this day, it will be shown how wind energy can sustainably transform our energy systems in order to decarbonize our economy and at the same time promote jobs and economic growth.

In Austria, for example, IG Windkraft is organizing a public live broadcast to celebrate the day of the wind. But what does the future of wind power look like in Austria?

Wind power in Austria

  • With wind power expansion there were short phases of expansion in 2019, but there were also phases of decline.
  • The total output of Austrian wind power was around 3,160 MW in 2019.
  • There was 2019 a total stock of 1,340 wind turbines in Austria.
  • Electricity was produced for more than 2 million households.
Wind Energy Outlook 2024 Austria wind turbines energy consumption

Good outlook for 2024

  • In 2024, over 1,520 wind turbines (with an total output of 4,070 MW) will be operated in Austria.
  • By 2024, the share of wind power in Austrian electricity consumption will increase by around a third.
  • 85% of wind power expansion takes place in Lower Austria and Burgenland.

Wind Energy Outlook 2024 Austria wind turbines energy consumption

(Source: IG Windkraft,